Chiropody padding


Felt Chiropody Padding,Padding Materials. Check out our full range of protective Chiropody felt and soft comfortable Chiropody foams. Easy to use chiropody tape also helps to keep your dressings in place..

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Chiropody tape
    Super value !  This hypo-allergenic surgical tape is strong, soft, tra..
Felt corn rings
      Simple and effective Pack of 24 simple 2mm thick felt corn r..
Felt padding 5mm thick
      Sheet of 5mm thick chiropody felt. Cut the felt to your des..
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Felt padding 7mm thick
Gehwol blue foot bath 15g
A little luxury at a little price. Gehwol blue foot bath just add 3 litres of water for softening..
Gehwol green foot bath 15g
A little luxury at a little price. Foot odour ? Gehwol green herbal foot bath can help,..
Fleeced foam
    Sheet of 5mm thick Fleecy Foam padding. This has been described as a super ..
Fleeced web
    Sheet of thin brushed padding which can be stretched. This helps to reduce ..
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